What Has Everybody Been Worried About?
A Closer Examination of the Angst Surrounding Emerging Markets


May 4, 2016


Despite recent signs of improvement, investor sentiment about emerging markets has been fundamentally depressed over the past year. Relative to their historical positioning, global institutional investors maintained a significant underweight to emerging market equities in 2015.

Driving the asset class’s underperformance are a number of key concerns: disappointing economic growth in emerging market countries, the potential impact of U.S. interest-rate hikes and a stronger U.S. dollar (USD), fears of a hard landing and currency devaluation in China, and the collapse of the commodity complex, to name just a few.

While these situations pose real threats to emerging markets (and to the world), a closer examination of them may help alleviate some of the angst surrounding the asset class. In this white paper, Todd M. McClone, CFA, partner, and a portfolio manager for William Blair’s emerging market strategies, offers his perspective.

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