Jim Golan Featured on Investing with IBD Podcast


Our Jim Golan, CFA, Partner, joined the Investing with IBD podcast to discuss optimism for secular growth in the second half of the year and the careful construction of the William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund. From inflation fears to finding structural winners, Jim provides his expertise alongside Justin Nielsen to create an engaging conversation you don't want to miss.


Listen to the podcast here.



Podcast recorded July 2021.


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The holdings mentioned comprise the following percentages of the William Blair Large Cap Growth Fund total net assets as of 7/31/2021: Intuit 3.2%, Microsoft 11.3%, Accenture 3.2%, Adobe 3.4%. For a complete list of the Fund's holdings, please visit www.williamblairfunds.com.

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Standardized Performance (Period ended 6/30/21)



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Large Cap Growth Fund (Class N)







Performance (Period ended 7/31/21)



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Large Cap Growth Fund (Class N)







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