Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Capital Appreciation

Morningstar Category
Mid Cap Growth

Fund Characteristics

The Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund seeks to invest in small and mid cap quality companies that are expected to have solid growth in earnings.

Investment Approach

  • Invests in quality companies that are expected to have solid growth in earnings
  • The investment process relies on thorough, in-depth fundamental research of a company, its competitors, suppliers and/or customers
  • Invests in companies that are expected to meet some if not all of the following criteria: market leadership, unique products or processes, strong marketing capability, and conservative financial and accounting practices

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Seeks to provide strong long-term investment returns with lower levels of risk 
  • Applies a time-tested, fundamental research approach to assess a company’s growth sustainability and critical success factors
  • Utilizes William Blair’s Research Agenda to ensure portfolio managers and analysts continually focus on the most attractive portfolio candidates
  • Managed by an experienced, long-tenured portfolio management team

The Fund’s returns will vary, and you could lose money by investing in the Fund.  The Fund invests most of its assets in equity securities of small cap and mid cap domestic growth companies where the primary risk is that the value of the equity securities it holds might decrease in response to the activities of those companies or market and economic conditions. Individual securities may not perform as expected or a strategy used by the Adviser may fail to produce its intended result. Investing in small and medium capitalization companies involves special risks, including higher volatility and lower liquidity. Small and mid-cap stocks are also more sensitive to purchase/sale transactions and changes in the issuer’s financial condition.  Convertible securities may be called before intended, which may have an adverse effect on investment objectives. Diversification does not ensure against loss The Fund is not intended to be a complete investment program. The Fund is designed for long-term investors.