Emerging Markets Growth Fund

The New York Times - 9/4/2011
Portfolio Manager Jeff Urbina was quoted in the Fundamentally column written by Paul Lim, titled, "Emerging Markets Are Down, Not Out." In the column, Jeff Urbina said that stocks that are less sensitive to the global economy and that target local consumer demand have performed better (in the recent market environment), but as a result they've gotten more expensive.

USA Today - 7/6/2011
Portfolio Manager Jeff Urbina is quoted in the lead story of USA Today's 'Midyear Fund Report," in an article titled, "Emerging markets spur some hot sectors," by John Waggoner. In the article, Jeff Urbina says whether the slowdown in emerging markets is being caused by central banks "stepping on the brakes or just reducing the amount of stimulus is open to debate."

International investing involves special risk considerations, including currency fluctuations, lower liquidity, economic and political risk. Investing in emerging markets can increase these risks.