Emerging Markets Debt Fund

As of 12/31/2021

Additional Fund Information

Inception Date: 05/25/2021
Expense Ratio (Gross): 0.90%
Expense Ratio (Net): 0.70%
Ticker Symbol: WEDIX
CUSIP: 969251511

Fund Statistics

Total Net Assets ($Million): $51
Number Of Holdings: 190
Since Inception Turnover: 72.0%

Credit Quality

% of Fund
AA 3.9%
A 6.3%
BBB 17.8%
BB 21.6%
B 31.8%
CCC 6.6%
CC 0.2%
C 0.1%
D 0.5%
NR 5.9%
Cash & Equivalents 5.3%
Total 100.0%

Sector Diversification

Sector Name
% of Fund
Emerging Markets Sovereign 65.1%
Emerging Markets Corporates 14.3%
Emerging Markets Quasi-Sovereign 14.1%
Cash & Equivalents 5.3%
Emerging Markets Sub Sovereign 0.8%
Emerging Markets Supranational 0.4%
Total Percentage 100.0%

Top 10 Issuers

% of Fund
Jumhuriyat Misr Al-Arabiyah 4.1%
Ukraine (Government) 3.7%
Republica De Colombia 2.4%
Republik Indonesia 2.4%
Republica Dominicana 2.4%
1Mdb Global Investments Ltd 2.4%
Petroleos Mexicanos 2.3%
Al Mamlakah Al Arabiyah As Suudiyah 2.2%
Mamlakat Al Bahrayn 2.1%
Republica Del Ecuador 2.0%
Total 26.0%

Top 10 Country Allocations

% of Fund
Indonesia 5.1%
Mexico 4.6%
Colombia 4.2%
Egypt 4.1%
Ukraine 3.7%
Malaysia 3.4%
China 3.2%
Qatar 3.1%
Brazil 3.1%
Chile 3.1%
Total 37.6%

Top 10 Countries by Active Spread Duration Contribution

% of Fund
Romania 0.2%
Egypt 0.1%
Ukraine 0.1%
Dominican Republic 0.1%
Bahrain 0.1%
Bermuda 0.1%
Guatemala 0.1%
Mexico 0.0%
North Macedonia 0.0%
Serbia 0.0%
Total 0.8%

Duration Distribution

% of Fund
Less than 1 year 8.7%
1 - 3 years 9.3%
3 - 5 years 17.5%
5 - 7 years 13.8%
7 - 10 years 17.1%
10 - 15 years 20.4%
15+ years 13.2%
Total 100.0%

The Fund's Adviser has contractually agreed to waive fees and/or reimburse expenses to limit fund operating expenses until 4/30/22.

Active spread duration is the difference between the effective spread duration contribution from a particular security or market segment to a portfolio, and the contribution to the portfolio's benchmark. Effective spread duration is a measure of the sensitivity of a bond's price with respect to sovereign spread movement. It approximately measures the percentage change in a bond's price if spreads change by 100 bps.

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Duration distribution is the portfolio's allocation to different groups of bonds, where those groups are determined by the bonds' effective interest rate duration. Effective interest rate duration is a measure of the sensitivity of a bond's price with respect to a shift in U.S. interest rates. It approximately measures the percentage change in a bond's price if U.S. interest rates change by 100 bps.

Option-adjusted spread (OAS) is a measure of the spread of a fixed income investment's yield relative to a benchmark, adjusted to take into account an embedded option.

The 30-Day SEC Yield is an annualized yield based on the most recent 30 day period. Subsidized yields reflect fee waivers in effect. Unsubsidized yields reflect what the yield would have been if no fee waiver had been in effect.

Information about the Fund's holdings should not be considered investment advice. There is no guarantee that the Fund will continue to hold any one particular security or stay invested in any one particular sector. Holdings are subject to change at any time. Top holdings are shown as a % of total net assets.