Large Cap Growth Fund

Investment Objective

Capital Appreciation

Morningstar Category
Large Growth

Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest in large cap companies with strong growth characteristics, quality management teams, and solid financials.

Investment Approach

  • A growth fund that invests in quality growth companies with a durable business franchise
  • Looks for companies with strong growth potential, predictable financials and quality management. Generally seeks to avoid companies with unproven business models or volatile earnings
  • Aims to have a relatively low turnover by investing in companies that have the potential to be long-term winners. Generally avoids short-term and cyclical trading opportunities
  • Employs bottom-up fundamental company research
  • Seeks to invest in companies that are well managed

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Focused on large cap, structurally advantaged, industry-leading companies where we have deep conviction
  • Applies a time-tested, fundamental research approach to assess a company’s growth sustainability and critical success factors
  • Invests in a concentrated number of investments, yet is diversified across sectors
  • Managed by experienced, long-tenured portfolio managers

The Fund’s returns will vary, and you could lose money by investing in the Fund. The Fund invests most of its assets in equity securities of large cap domestic growth companies where the primary risk is that the value of the equity securities it holds might decrease in response to the activities of those companies or market and economic conditions.  Individual securities may not perform as expected or a strategy used by the Adviser may fail to produce its intended result.  Different investment styles tend to shift in and out of favor depending on market conditions and investor sentiment, and at times when the investment style used by the Adviser for the Fund is out of favor, the Fund may underperform other equity funds that use different investment styles. The Fund is non-diversified, meaning that it is permitted to invest a larger percentage of its assets in fewer issuers than diversified funds. Thus, the Fund may be more susceptible to adverse developments affecting any single issuer. The Fund is not intended to be a complete investment program. The Fund is designed for long-term investors.