Investment Objective

Capital Appreciation

Fund Characteristics

The Fund seeks to invest in large cap companies with strong growth characteristics, quality management teams, and solid financials.

Investment Approach

  • A growth fund that invests in quality growth companies with a durable business franchise
  • Looks for companies with strong growth potential, predictable financials and quality management. Generally seeks to avoid companies with unproven business models or volatile earnings
  • Aims to have a relatively low turnover by investing in companies that have the potential to be long-term winners. Generally avoids short-term and cyclical trading opportunities
  • Employs bottom-up fundamental company research
  • Seeks to invest in companies that are well managed

Why Consider This Fund?

  • Focused on large cap, structurally advantaged, industry-leading companies where we have deep conviction
  • Applies a time-tested, fundamental research approach to assess a company’s growth sustainability and critical success factors
  • Invests in a concentrated number of investments, yet is diversified across sectors
  • Managed by experienced, long-tenured portfolio managers
Investments are subject to market risk.