Investing in the William Blair Funds is very simple!

Everything you need is on this web site…

If you are ready to set up a new account online, click here.

If you would prefer to print out, complete and mail in an application, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Decide which Fund is right for you.
    (Click here to learn more about the William Blair Funds).
  2. Read the Funds prospectus.
    (Click here to download a William Blair Funds prospectus).
  3. Determine how much you would like to invest.
    Minimum investments are as follows:
    Class N Shares:  $2,500
    Class N Shares Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs):  $2,500

    Class I Shares:  $500,000

    Institutional Funds / Institutional Class Shares:  $5,000,000

  4. Download a Fund Application. (For Institutional Funds / Institutional Class Shares, please use the “Institutional Funds” Application.)
    (Click here to select an application form).
  5. Mail your completed application, along with a check for the amount of your investment payable to "William Blair Funds":
    William Blair Funds
    P.O. Box 8506
    Boston, MA 02266-8506


    For overnight mail:
    William Blair Funds
    30 Dan Road
    Canton, MA 02021-2809


    For Ready Reserves Fund ONLY:
    William Blair Funds
    222 West Adams Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60606


If you are wiring funds, first call State Street Bank & Trust Co. at 1-800-635-2886 (Massachusetts 1-800-635-2840) for an account number. Then instruct your commercial bank to wire federal funds to:

State Street Bank & Trust Co.
ABA #011000028 DDA #99029340
Attn: Custody & Shareholder Services
225 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110

Need help?  Call us with your questions or for assistance getting started at 1-800-635-2886 or 1-800-742-7272.