Macro Diversification

There’s diversification—and there’s macro diversification. Bottom-up diversification is no longer sufficient. Exposures to macroeconomic risk—and benefits of those exposures—are not the residual outcome of individual security selection.

Every portfolio needs both top-down and bottom-up portfolio management. We believe that the absence of top-down diversification results in a portfolio whose diversification is incomplete.

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See How Macro Diversification Works

See how macro diversification works in our interactive motion chart that shows how the William Blair Macro Allocation Fund dynamically manages its market and currency exposures worldwide.

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Macro Diversification Benefits

How much do you know about the benefits of macro diversification for investment portfolios? 500 advisors completed a macro quiz to test their command of the rationale.



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Alternative Investing Videos

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How to Access Macro Diversification

The William Blair Macro Allocation Fund can invest in more than 70 markets and 30 currencies around the world. Learn how the Fund invests opportunistically with a focused risk management style.

Our Investment Process

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Macro Allocation Fund Videos

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Brian Singer, CFA, head of William Blair's Dynamic Allocation Strategies team and co-portfolio manager of the William Blair Macro Allocation Fund.


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Meet the Team

The William Blair Dynamic Allocation Strategies team has 16 years of investment team continuity.

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Pictured, left to right:
Guy Bloomfield, started in industry 2000
Patrick Hurless, started in industry in 1992
Lotta Moberg, Ph.D., started in industry in 2015
Renato Staub, Ph.D., started in industry in 1996*
John Simmons, CFA, started in industry in 1997
Kyle Concannon, CFA, started in industry in 2007
Sam Marshall, started in industry in 2001
Tom Clarke, started in industry in 1990
Brian Singer, CFA, started in industry in 1982
Edouard Senechal, CFA, FRM, started in industry in 2000
Ross Hambrick, CFA, started in industry in 2013
Aaron Balsam, CFA, started in industry in 1998
Allyson Martinez, (not pictured) started in industry in 2014

*Renato works with the Dynamic Allocation Strategies team through a business agreement between Covariance AG and William Blair & Company.

The joining of the following team members denotes investment team continuity: Brian Singer, Renato Staub, and Tom Clarke.
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